Top 5 habits for successful women

There are tons of successful people out there. While being successful is subject to ones belief, there are common habits that one can establish on their journey to success.

What is success?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to success. My version could be completely different from your version. However, we all have dreams that we would one day like to accomplish. Sometimes these dreams feel impossible to reach mainly because of habits that we’ve learnt over time. It’s time we shift to a better focus and unlearn these bad habits toward learning the greater ones.

The first step to success is to set goals

Achieving my goals is my version of success. Setting goals and reviewing them is a habit that you should consider starting if you haven’t already. This could be daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. However you want it. But here’s the catch, goals need to be specific. For instance, ‘by the end of the year I want to have saved x amount of money’. That way you know what you are working for and then look for ways to reach that goal. If the goal is not reached you are able to hold yourself accountable.

Wake up early and plan your day

How early is early is highly dependent on you. Some say wake up at 5AM. However, that could be too early for someone who sleeps late, or better yet only starts their day at 9AM. So how do we really juggle this one? Give yourself at least 1-2 hours time before you start your day to get your morning routine in check. There are a lot of things successful people do when they wake up. To name a few:

  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Manifest
  • Exercise
  • Listen to podcasts

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The list is endless. I find journaling in the morning really helpful to plan my day and also just to give me an outlook of what I can improve on from the previous day. Some people take a moment to read scriptures or books that uplift their moods and give them a better chance at giving their all. At times when you wake up feeling drained or rather demotivated. You hop back to sleep. Maybe try a new way to uplift your mood earlier than your wake up call.

Have your finances in check

Taking your money seriously is very important on any journey to success. Not everything revolves around money, they say. However, money makes life a lot better. Millions of people are working on their journey to financial freedom. I bet as you read you’re thinking about the problems that only money can solve. “If i had more money, I wouldn’t have such a problem”. We all think about that.

No one is saying you should be filthy rich or be a billionaire. What you need to do is understand your personal finances and have set goals and ways to track those goals.

Financial education is one of the most important aspects of life that many people need to be aware of. It’s unfortunate that many of us are afraid to openly speak about it. Of which this can help a lot people. So where do you even begin? RESEARCH.

From books, google to you-tubers like Financial bunny who try to educate us about how to go about investing, or saving. Get your hands on these resources for the long term. Find people you can relate to and talk about these things. If you feel this topic is too personal, then try apps that track your finances or draft a budget.

We have a free monthly budget planner that you can download to get you started. Click here.


The most successful people consistently work for what they truly want. If you can’t find the motivation to consistently push for a particular goal, then you don’t want it enough.

It is important to remember why you do what you do. If you’re doing it just because… without a solid reason. You’re likely to reach a dead end of inconsistency. Remember the why of your goal, Keep your focus and work for what you want every day. No one will take your passion seriously if you yourself don’t take it seriously.

Change your mindset

You are what you think you are. If you believe that you can never be successful, really? That’s the road that you’ll end up in. Say it with your chest, put it out to the universe and start working for it.

A positive mindset is important to establishing yourself toward a successful life. Sometimes our positivity is hindered by our surroundings. If you feel that certain people give you negative vibes, let them go.

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You can not afford any negativity on your journey to success. Ultimately, you have to make a decision. Is it your goals over them? Or the other way round?Who you follow on social media, who you talk to every day. Better yet what you let consume you. For you to have a positive mindset, you need to be mindful of what you let in. Create that space for yourself and watch bigger things start to unfold.


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