Top 5 careers in demand

It’s the 21st century and making the right career choice is important. Especially if you don’t want to find yourself educated without a job. With the rising unemployment rate in. South Africa, one should thread carefully when it comes to choosing their career path. I have simplified it into 10 careers that are currently in demand and will probably be in demand in the next 5 to 10 years.

Health sciences – The medical field is one human kind will forever need. People need to stay in good health so from doctors, nurses and general health practitioners, know we will always require them for daily living.

Information Technology – As we advance digitally, IT specialist are increasingly demanded. In all fields, a technologically knowledgeable person is of great need.

Communications and Media – Brands are constantly in the look out for advertising gurus. Without a doubt media has a significant influence in our daily lives.

Business and Marketing – With the fluctuations in employment. Business minded individuals are required. Both to create employment and to sustain themselves. Educating yourself in business and how to market already existing businesses is a great start.

Education – They say education is the mother of all professions. Because knowledge is shared through education. In simple terms, we will forever need educational specialist to keep professions alive. From teaching, lecturing to basic skills.

The best career decision one can take may be advised by a professional career guidance counselor. Through careful consideration of ones interests and abilities. Never make a rash decision when it comes to your career path because it might impact you in the long run. Make an informed decision.

Featured image: Pinterest – Shirley Wilkerson

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