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The guide to productivity

Its a new month and a new week. The perfect time to revitalize your strategies in making productive plans. In everything you do, being productive and staying productive is important. Sometimes we work ourselves to the last bit of energy and yet we may still feel we’ve got nothing done or haven’t done enough. Only to find that it’s just not a productive session. So how do you stay productive or rather improve your productivity? I have coupled down a few tips that might help you.

1. Plan ahead

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen this somewhere over a hundred times. Trust me, nothing beats planning. In what you need to be done, have a vision in place. Plan your day, put a time frame on your goals that will help you track your progress. Remember that when you plan something it is always better to have it written down. This could be on your journal or calender or just a simple piece of paper. If it’s in black an white, it gives you motivation to push through it. I use both a journal when i am home and the note app on my phone when im on the go. Set aside 5 minutes in the morning to plan your day, or use Sundays to plan your week. Just plan and see your goals fall into place.

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2. Have to-do-lists

I recently found the use of to-do-list very productive and motivating. It’s like getting one task done give me a push to work on the other. The great thing about such a list is that it can be used for both short term and long term goals. It also keeps your tasks/goals documented so that you are able to track your progress. Although it might seem brief, it actually eliminates the burden that many see from planning.

3. Now Do

When all the planning and listing has been done, It’s time to put the plan into action. They say, dreams not fulfilled only remain dreams until action is made. One evil factor that prevents dreams from being fulfilled is procrastination. If we, “I include myself in this”, could just stop procrastinating a lot of goals that we’ve had could be our reality. The time is now and that must just sink in. The moment you say I’m tired maybe tomorrow, you’ve already lost the battle. Remember that you only get better through practice.

4. Waking up earlier should be a lifestyle

If we start living the way we want our future to look like, it becomes a norm. Make whatever you want to be in the near future your lifestyle. If you want to stay productive create a routine of your idea of productivity. Start by waking up earlier than normal everyday and giving yourself time to recollect who you are and who you want to be. In no time it becomes a habit and it then makes achieving what you want to achieve a lot easier. You find that you have more time in your hands to get a lot done. My mother always says “ingubo ayinamali” meaning you can’t make money while you sleep.

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