The first step to getting a job through LinkedIn

If you are a job seeker, your number one priority should be how to use LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn is the most popular tool for job search in this day. Many people may have a profile, however they may not be aware of things that are hurting their chances to find a job. I have compiled a few tips on how to re-vamp your LinkedIn profile to land you your dream job.

Polish the ‘About me’ section

This section is where you pitch an overview of who you are. Many people get it wrong and start detailing too little or too much of information that isn’t even relevant to their career. Here you need to state clearly your background, experiences and goals. All should be relevant and recent. Although you don’t need to state specifics, you can mention your industry, your personality and even your skills. This gives the recruiter an understanding of how they could benefit by having you in their team. Use this section to also include links to your work if you have any or better yet your portfolio.

An impressive headline

When they speak of first impressions, this is where you need to make your mark. Many recruiters are attracted by the headline before they click to view your profile. So give us a catchy headline that tells the recruiter what you do. If you are unemployed, never include ‘searching for a job’ on your headline. Go for relevant keywords in your field. For instance, if you have a computer science degree/diploma, use keywords like ‘Software developer’ or ‘Programmer’. You are qualified after all so own it.

Share your job history

This section is very crucial to the recruiter that wants to know what kind of experience you have in the field. Make sure you include the most recent and relevant work experience that you held. This also allows the LinkedIn algorithm to match you to the correct job listings. Try not to include positions that are irrelevant to what you are looking for and those job positions that only lasted for 2 – 3 months. Unless it is integrated learning or training. Recruiters usually associate short term positions with job hopping. Thus regarding you as not reliable.

Attract opportunities with skills

It is important to stay updated with new skill sets. Usually people do this by enrolling in short courses that offer certificates. Should you hold any of these, include them in your profile. That way recruiters get an idea of your dedication to seek further knowledge and skills. Many job offerings today require a basic understanding of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). If you know how to use it, that’s a bonus. LinkedIn also offers quizzes that rate you above 70%. The recruiter finds that very attractive.

Build a network

LinkedIn is a professional tool where thousands of professionals can engage and help each other in career development on top of job searching. So it is imperative to build a network of like minded individuals. That way when information passes them by, they know who to share it with. The LinkedIn feed has a number of posts that are business and career related, you might learn something new or better yet meet your future employer.

It takes time, patience and consistency. Put yourself out there and let the universe do the rest.


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