• Motivation

    30 Women Empowerment Quotes

    I can never get enough of words that inspire. Here are 30 quotes I’ve collected that will uplift your spirit and help you and many other women in their daily lives. For motivation to do better and be a better person. Not only for the good in your life but for the advancement of those next to you. Featured image: instagram @eclecticgift All image quotes are from Pinterest and are not of Lolittah.

  • Lifestyle

    Powerwomen SA, be inspired

    As a young woman in South Africa, I feel we need more power women. Women who will inspire just by living out their passion. I tried to narrow down to my personal top 5. In no particular order, here is a list of influential young women making a change in other young people’s lives. Narrowing down wasn’t easy, however I tried to diversify the top 5 and not be repetitive of the influences these young woman bring. But what is a power women? Power is the ability to influence the behavior of others, but these women do it so effortlessly in the most instrumental way. There is definitely no doubt…