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Re-Define yourself


define again or differently

Your life and your purpose should be owned by you. If you’ve been living your life solely on other people’s terms, today it’s time to redefine your life and yourself. To define means to establish the essence of something. In this case your identity. Redefining allows room for corrections of past mistakes. This simply means that you admit to having done mistakes but never letting mistakes define who you are now. Because you are taking the stand to define again what was once the best of you.

The importance of redefining yourself.

Regardless of what people have made you believe of yourself in the past. Whether or not friends/acquaintances have made you thing less of yourself, it’s important to move past that time and start regaining the confidence you once have. Not only for the benefit of yourself, but for the benefit of those that surround and look up to you. They say, there is sexiness in a confident woman. Not because women are sexualized and materialized. Although that is often the case, but there is truth in this statement. Hence, a lot of men want to socialize themselves around independent women. Independence starts with confidence. In essence, for you to become independent, you first need to be confident.

Break free from the dependence on being validated first before you start believing in yourself. No one needs to affirm you greatness besides you. Queen, you are great and you need to start believing in yourself first before others can. If people don’t believe you can, it only matters if you start believing in them. If you believe in yourself contrast to what others think, it doesn’t matter. Because you have redefined what matters to you, former to having let them decide what you should and shouldn’t believe about yourself.

So you have made mistakes before, mistakes that have led to people thinking of you in a certain way that who you are now is masked. People change, people grow. Who you were yesterday doesn’t have to be who you are today. Your mistakes have made you who you are today, but today you are a better person. Never let past mistakes define who you are, because today you are more than a better person. I can write all day, trying to convince you how beautiful of a changed and new person you are despite of having made mistakes. But if you don’t believe in yourself, all writing goes in vain.

How I have learnt to believe only the best of myself is through affirmation. Tell yourself each day, that ‘I am a new creation’. Till it makes sense, till it becomes a part of you. Words of affirmation are stronger than we think they are. I tell myself everyday that ‘queen, you are beautiful and not a single soul can tell you otherwise’. This has been a struggle post the bullying I had to go through in my primary school life. And I must say, excuse the grammar, today I am better at loving myself and it gets better each day. If you yourself, redefine who you were made to believe you were. Into who you know deep in your heart are, life can change. For the better.

So today, change your life by changing your mindset, say this with me: I am a Queen, greater than it seem and I will stand for who I am without a doubt. If you don’t believe go back and read it again, as many times till you start believing in yourself. Because if you don’t believe you are great, no one ever will. It all starts with you. Redefine yourself!

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