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As a young woman in South Africa, I feel we need more power women. Women who will inspire just by living out their passion. I tried to narrow down to my personal top 5. In no particular order, here is a list of influential young women making a change in other young people’s lives. Narrowing down wasn’t easy, however I tried to diversify the top 5 and not be repetitive of the influences these young woman bring. But what is a power women? Power is the ability to influence the behavior of others, but these women do it so effortlessly in the most instrumental way. There is definitely no doubt that they hold power to make a change. Get to know them a little more.

Tshenolo Seabi (Nolo)

Instagram: @nolo_seabi

Who is she?

  • TV Presenter
  • Actress
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Influencer

A force to be reckoned with, Nolo is a warm hearted yet confident young lady. She stands for all things great in the biz world. Nolo recently took part in the Kotex #PeriodOrNotSheCan campaign, that encourages women to stay determined despite the stigmas around menstrual periods. As young as she is, she stays inspiring many.


I don’t have plan B, there is no other way.

Yolenda Jawe

Instagram: @yolzchannel

Who is she?

  • Natural Hair Enthusiasts
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Entrepreneur

A humble young lady who has knowledge and insights that help and build many other young women. Yolenda uses her role on social media influencing to educate women on various issues. From hair care, skin care, mommy role to making your mark both on and offline. She has had a positive impact on her recent y’all with the young people of Mpumalanga’s Tswane University of Technology. Her recent business launch has had many in awe.


If you want people to believe in your vision, you need to believe in it first.

Bonang Matheba


Who is she?

  • TV Presenter
  • Radio Personality
  • Business woman
  • Author

Known for her hard work and determination, Bonang is a renowned Queen B. She exudes confidence and great spirit to inspire young girls with her voice and abilities. Through various work projects, she has made an outstanding mark not only in South Africa, but worldwide. Her free spirit and remarkable skills in the industry is what sets her apart. Bonang uses her abilities to help other young women live their dream through a bursary fund.


They have to talk about you, because when they talk about themselves, nobody listens.

Tebogo Mphahlele

Instagram: @tebo.mphahlele
  • Aspiring CA
  • Model
  • Speaker

A young woman with a vision to inspire change amongst the Youth. Through her foundation (Lead Young SA) Tebogo seeks to inspire young people while aiming to change the views of those who see age as a barrier to success. Tebo hosts motivational discussions to groom young people into achieving the best they can against all odds.


There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

Nomzamo Mbatha

Instagram: @nomzamo_m

Who is she?

  • Actress
  • TV Personality
  • Business women
  • Human Rights Activist

Among the most renowned TV Personalities, Nomzamo stands for human rights. She uses her voice to help those who are in need. Her influence has helped masses and through her tireless work, she was appointed as the ambassador for UNHCR (United Nations Higher Commisioner of Refugees). Nomzamo advocates for the protection of vulnerable women and children and her work has done a remarkable change worldwide.


Never .. bow to the nay-sayers who say you will never amount to anything, because you will. Your ability to rise, overcome and conquer is your superpower.

Featured image: @lolaadewuya

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