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Podcasts you should be listening to

We spend most of our time listen to something, be it the radio or music on your phone. Podcasts have recently been a thing… use it to your advantage.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a digital platform that is similar to radio that can be accessed online as an audio file. Unlike radio, podcasts are pre-recorded stories that express the raw culture of the speaker and navigate toward motivating and changing lives. These can pretty much be access anywhere, from websites, SoundCloud, Spotify and even iTtunes. You just need internet access on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

I have compiled a list of 5 podcast that as a women trying to navigate your way around life, business, or professional career can indulge in. Give your self time and tap into this world of higher thought.

She is success

This is a women’s network that is dedicated to providing women with the necessary resources such that they achieve their personal and professional goals. This podcast is hosted by Kopano Shimange, CEO of Club she is. If you are looking into personal branding, starting and growing your business, this is definitely the chat for you.


for many of you, success is just one step, one post, one email, one phone call or even one idea away.

My favorite podcast: Three simple tips to build your personal brand online.

Sisters in conversation

Often we are stuck in limbo, not knowing what and what not to do in the legal aspect of life. If you are looking into ensuring that any decision you are about to make has no legal consequences. Sisters in conversation is a platform dedicated to empower women through legal education. Overcome your legal challenges with Tebello Motshwane, founder of Collective intelligence, a wife and mother.


together we can bring about change in the legal system

My favorite podcast: With Rethabile Seema

She Brigade

Hosted by Pelontle Mosimege, these are in-depth conversations with women across South Africa. Engaging on a variety of stories about their journeys as corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.


your intention determines your outcome

My favorite podcast: The story of shebrigade

Women in progress

The legendary women of the new era of empowerment. Ingid harb hosts a podcast that empowers women internationally and locally to aid in pursuing career goals regardless of their social and economic status. She is a keynote speaker and entrepreneur in the global field.


founder of both the Women Ambassadors Forum and Creative Agency.

My favorite podcast: Leading the curvy world with Angela O’Riley

Conversations with Mpoomy and Yolz

Inspirational conversations, positivism and cultural affairs. Join Nompumelelo Ledwaba and Yolenda Jawe as they engage in conversations that enlighten many about the everyday motivation on needs. From love, friendship, womanhood and mentor ship. Many of their conversations bring about how to grow profusely in life. Both Mpoomy and Yolz are Entrepreneurs, Speakers and content creators in the digital space.


everything will make sense one day

Now take your time and listen to these amazing women. Grow big.


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