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First of all I want to say, apologies for the inconsistency the past week has been hectic. Both personally and work wise. Which is why I haven’t posted on the Monday. However I hope this post is twice as fruitful to cater for both days. I have been contemplating on what to name todays theme with no luck in any idea. But that won’t in any way stop me from writing. With the many plans I have for 2019, seeing that 2018 is quarter to an end my message will be based on planning and executing.

More often than not, we make numerous plans some exaggerated which is why it is difficult to execute them. I want to mention briefly how significant it is to not only plan but do also. One thing I have realized about the plans that I have made, which never made it to the executing stage is that they were too big. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about having big plans. In actual fact there is everything right about planning big.

BUT… Plan big and start small, but never end small. By this I want to mention breaking down your major goals into minor goals that are manageable. Let me make an example. Say your major goal is to start an online store. At this very moment you do not have any capital or client base or anything. Starting small would mean, saving up for your capital as a minor goal and building your client base would fall under minor goals too. I hope that make sense.

This is more especially for those who aspire to be entrepreneurs. Something that I have realized is, many plans that business men make today, can only be executed at least in about eight months to a year. The point I am trying to make here is, good things take time. Choose quality over quantity. I made this my moto and it allowed me to be patient with myself and my company. Businesses and brands take time to bloom and that is ok.


Before I shy away to the point, lets talk about investing. Whether it’s money or time. Investing in what you want to see grow is paramount. It helps you grow love for it and nature it the way it should be. When I started investing in products for my hair recovery journey, it helped me consistently nature my hair. That’s when is started seeing a difference with my hair’s health. It isĀ  the same with your work, your family or our business. Invest in it in order to see growth.

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All in all the above will help you get to the stage of execution. If you plan right, in a way that it will not overwhelm you and therefore discourage you. Then you can start execution. Remember it doesn’t matter how long it takes you, from planning to executing. So long as your work is quality assured that’s what’s important. If you have any ideas to help others, don’t hesitate to comment below.

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