Motivation Monday | Own race

I’ve just started a series of posts that will be coming up every Monday. I call this – Motivation Mondays. Today I want to speak of staying in your own lane. Why because it’s your own race.

Focus on your own race at your own pace

Many of us struggle when it comes to this concept. Mainly because of societal pressures. But how do you succumb to such pressures and remain in your own lane? Even i don’t have the secrete. Just try. Being in your 20s is the most difficult time especially in this day. There are so many expectations given that we supposedly should meet. Given by who, nobody knows. For one to realise that there isn’t a need for such pressures requires acceptance that every dog has it’s day.

From parents to peers to society as a whole. We are either expected to have a job or progressing in a career that will give us one. Graduating in record time, buying a car and to a greater extent even buying a house. But what happens when you’re nowhere near getting either? From me, I say, stay in your own lane. Just because the girl next door is flourishing doesn’t mean you aren’t trying hard enough. It isn’t your time.

Just because your cousin Jabu just bought his first car at 23 doesn’t mean uThandi at 28 who is still struggling to make ends meet isn’t a visionary. Right? Then why do we allow ourselves to fall for such pressures. Remember that our lives are structured differently. We were born in different days and years for a reason. We were given different names because we aren’t the same. Just as much, our successes will be different.

There is not a need for you to be envyung people because their successes came earlier than ours. What you and I can do is find the motivation to push even harder and work towards our own goals. Don’t beat yourself up just because things are going too slow for your liking. As they say, good things take time.

What comes easy goes easy

Let us learn to accept our own fate and work toward bettering ourselves without allowing societal pressures to get to us. Your day will come.


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