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Its the first week of December. We all know that this is the month of spending our years savings, at least for those who have had something to save. However because we are so used to spending recklessly to some extent during the festive season. To the point that we forget about the so called “JANUWORRY”.  Why not plan your year today. January is the month of new beginnings and resolutions, if you haven’t been living the life you want to live, I’m here to help with this 2019 budget plan. Of which you can use to plan ahead. With this budgeting tool you can never go wrong.


I’m pretty sure I am not the only person who stresses the importance of saving up. Tomorrow is not promised yes, but riches aren’t either. We all have bad months and saving will allow us not to feel those bad months. In turn, saving up for something you want which you cannot afford at that very moment is the go to plan. I know I save up for most of the expensive things I own. It doesn’t have to be a whole year, even as short as three months still does the trick.

Those who know me personally, or better yet career wise will know that I own an educational consulting business which caters for particularly everyone. You never stop learning right? besides I’m all for education. Of course i’m a teacher. So Notable Educational Consulting has already formulated an easy to use budget plan for 2019. What I like about this budget plan is that it can be used from any month. You set your own monthly goals, and you are able to track them. From a three month goal to the whole year. Isnt that amazing.

Yes, sticking to goals might not be easy but you work your way around it. So this budget plan runs at an affordable R250. If you want to try it out. Drop a request for more details.

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