LIFE UPDATE : Career edition

Those who know me know that I have recently graduated for my bachelor of Education degree at the University of Johannesburg. I have been at this for about four years and I must say, university life is not a joke. Many of us are not prepared for it. Which explains why there are a number of dropouts/exclusion yearly, and those who make it out then struggle to get jobs. Sad reality.

So I’ve been job hunting from last year around May, that was when I was still in my final year. Doing so to prepare for 2018. Unfortunately with no luck which then I decided why not continue with my honours instead of just taking a gap year. Which I must say was the best decision i took at that point in time. Luckily I got funding from the UJ honours bursary programme. One thing I would suggest to every final year student: have a plan A, plan B, plan C. My point is, never settle at a breaking point. As Bonang always says “I fell 7 times and stood up 8”. What I am trying to emphasise is life never goes as planned. You have to keep trying.

A high school teacher

So I recently started teaching at this high school and I must say there is a lot of pressure but I’m getting the hang of it. I cannot wait to start 2019 with bang. Because I have a lot planned for the year. My plan is to enjoy my role and at the same time inspire and educate as much as I can. Yes it’s a learning curve but nothing beats loving what you do.

For me, 2018 has been a rough ride. Well it’s almost over. For a student my year ends in October. It’s October right? I wouldn’t exactly say I am excited because learning never stops. If you know what I mean.

Focus areas

• School

• Work

• Relations

So the three above are what my main focus is at. School definitely comes first. That’s where my career growth comes. As a young woman, building your career should be a priority. You don’t want to look back and think I should have done this or that. Especially because the world that we live in is male dominated. You have to work twice as hard.

I won’t lie, school is draining especially if you are juggling both work and school with colleagues who are just working. Your social life becomes neglected. Unintentionally of course. You have to make these sacrifices for your future self.

The shade of a tree planted today can only be enjoyed 20 years later

Life is all about taking chances where no one sees any, and remember never stop dreaming.

– Future CEO

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