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Today I just wanted to be a little off topic and talk about peace. Very few people are at peace. Be it about who they are, where they are in life and their capabilities. That is what kills us. Especially the young generation.

What does being at peace mean?

Differing concepts have a plurality of meaning to different people. That’s nothing new. I hear a lot of people say they are content or caption their pictures with the word ‘content’. It takes a lot of spiral turns to reach that point in your life and once you’re there, there’s no turning back.



1. a state of happiness and satisfaction.
Now being at peace about who you are means accepting yourself. Accepting that you were made the way that you are and acknowledging the fact that you can never change your flaws but knowing that you can love them. Now being satisfied about you to a point that it makes you happy. Then you reach contentment.

Why is it important?

Ever met people who are so happy that when you are around them you can’t help but absorb that happiness? Don’t you want to be that person too? I know I do. It is important to be peace with yourself because for one, no body can accept you for who you are if you yourself don’t accept yourself.

Charity begins at home

It all starts with you.

But how?

The first step is to let go. Let go of past troubles. Whatever it is that hurt you, let it go. Sometimes we get stuck in one place that it drains us to an extent that it prevents us from moving forward to success. Whatever it is that has brought you down yesterday was supposed to so that you understand your strength. Pick yourself up and move along.

Sometimes we look at others success and then try to compare ourselves to them. Not knowing what they went through to get to where they are. That on it’s own is what’s stops you from your own success. Evny!

Own race, own lane, own pace.

We are different and that we can not change. Peace requires acceptance. Accepting that different days are for different people. We look at people succeeding, envy them and then start hating. Note one thing: peace and hate don’t get along. Choose one. I bet you’d choose peace right?


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