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Know your worth

As young women in this new Era, it is very easy to get caught up into what society deems we need to be like. Only forgetting that after all we are our own persons. Many young people are prone to falling into depression, anxiety and or committing suicide than ever before. Have you ever asked yourself why? The answer is simple, we set standards that we ourselves can’t follow. Then expect everyone else to. When they don’t, we start labeling them into failures or rather not enough for us.

For numerous years pear pressure has led to many young people doing things they are not so comfortable in doing all in the name of fitting in. Are these reasons prevailing even in current times? Of course… but how do we get past that?

It’s all about knowing your worth as an individual. Know who you are, know what you want and live the way you want to. Without the fear of being judged or cursed out. It’s never easy in these new times, but nobody promised an easy way.


the likelihood of something unwelcome happening.

Why are we so afraid of likelihood’s of not being liked or accepted of who we are. Rather thrive as who you are after failing multiple times. Than failing at what you weren’t in the first place. These words have kept me going for the longest times. It’s easier to get sucked into a foreign world that you forget who you are. It might take you years to re-learn to love yourself, just know it’s doable. After a long day of putting on mask to the world, reality still kicks in to remind you of who you really are. That on its own can cause depressive feels and trust you don’t want to feel that way. It all starts by knowing your worth, living your life in your own terms and never conforming to societal standards. People who don’t know you at a personal level DON’T CARE about you. Let those words sink in before you start wanting to impress them.



the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated.

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