Journals, are they still necessary in current times?

Remember back in 2006 where we would turn a two quire book into a journal with a get to know me page and little messages. Those were the days, we would even write song lyrics and questionnaires. In the age of digital advancement, we went past those times. But journaling is still a thing. However in a different and productive way. We now call them ‘planners’. They look more advanced and are used to help up be more productive and professional in what we do. I’m not trying to bash anyone, but if you don’t have a planner, maybe try educating yourself on one. It doesn’t have to be physical planner, we have apps that do the same thing.

How to use a planner/Journal

The first thing you need to understand before getting a planner is the why behind it. It could be for work, school or personal use. The. Take it from there. Most planners come readily curated to help you organize your plans. From monthly to weekly and daily. Your to-list must be put in place, have your goals and plan to action. For you to enjoy using a planner you need to know in details what you want and stay committed at making things happen or you’ll eventually get bored. I personally like a planner that wants details, so that it becomes easy for me to achieve my goals.

Always remember that a planner resembles a journal in a way that it is personal instrument that will be curated according to the owners personality. From color coding, to decorations. If you treat it as a gem, it will keep you motivated to use it. So invest in it. I’ll focus more on a personal planner, because here you can include everything even your career/school related goals.

Things to include in your planner

  1. Resolutions
  2. Short and long term goals
  3. Affirmations
  4. Year plan brief
  5. Monthly tasks
  6. Weekly tasks
  7. Daily tasks
  8. Your details
  9. Reflection

When it comes to your daily plans, you can arrange them in a form of bullets. Which will make it more straight forward. Have space to write out a plan of action for your goals. The most significant part should be a reflection. At the end of the day, week or month. Look back at what went right or wrong. Set out a new plan of action to do differently what did not work for you. In that way you are working towards positive outcomes. After all that is the reasoning behind planning.

Remember the 5 P’s – PROPER PLANNING PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE. Planners are the new journals, use them wisely.

If you want a pdf of a planner I have made, email me. I am giving away planners to the first 3 people to drop me an email through the subscription form on the Home page. It’s free ☺️.

All images are not of lolittah.

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