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How to be productive when working from home

Following the Covid-19 pandemic many of us are forced to work from home. But many people face challenges when it comes to staying productive while working from home. It’s no new news that there are many distractions at home especially if this is new to you.
If you relate, lolittah is here at your rescue with the following tips on how to be productive at home.


As much as many of us work on a schedule/time-table, it makes sense that we do the same at home. It’s quite simple. You can start with a daily to-do-list. If you like planning way ahead then work on a weekly basis.


Treat your work from home as formally as work. Your time schedule might be flexible but try take it seriously. Wake up and prepare. Working in your Pyjamas might be fun. However it make activate lazy ness after a while and you don’t want that.


It might be nice to have the TV on or Netflix however those breed distractions. Find a distraction free zone. If you have a study room then work from there. If not, create your home workspace. Find a study desk or counter to work on. Some people find music relaxing, for those that work well when there’s music on. Try calming sounds.

Track your time

Time management is very important so that you track your progress. Especially when working on deadlines. Often tracking your time helps you avoid procrastinating. It also allows you to see if work is actually getting done. For this you can jot down a list and set time available for each task. To make things simpler, you can search for available digital APPS in store.


As much as you take lunch at work. It is important to be mindful of when and what you eat. Try to take in foods that are known to boost your energy and productivity. Take in fruits as your snacks and be sure to hydrate regularily.


Try not to over work yourself. Give your self at least 15 minutes break depending on your work schedule. This is to help you regain strength. There’s no point in overworking yourself when nothing really gets done.

xoxo – Lolittah 🤍

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