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One of the hardest things in life is to let go. I can never fathom how some people do it. But I must say, it’s a need. At times we hold onto things that no longer serve us any good purpose to an extent that it becomes a burden we carry daily. If you resonate with this I have some news for you. Both good and bad. This time I’ll start with the good news. Here it goes: you are a great person and God will continue blessing you abundantly. But I’m gonna burst that bubble before you enjoy it. Holding on to things or people rather that don’t bring any value in your life is what holds us back in most cases. You know that one “friend” and I use the term wisely… That friend that only calls you when they need something? Why are we giving people so much power over us. All in the name of good deeds? I read this powerful quote today that got me thinking.


is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.

For a second, I started doubting myself. Am I selfish? Am I a bad person? Then I remembered, thinking of yourself less doesn’t mean allowing people to run all over you. It simply means empathizing with other rather. There’s nothing wrong with carefully analyzing the people we bring close to us. They say, keep your circle small. All in the name of avoiding a lot of drama that comes with different people who carry differing views. Here’s a scenario: you have roughly 10 people you feel are dear to heart, enough to call them close friends. All these people want their time. Only to find you can cater for 2 a week. In a cycle of 5 weeks where do you find your own time because when the cycle ends, friend 1 and 2 want to see you all over again? I’ll repeat: KEEP YOUR CIRCLE SMALL.

The idea behind this post was to enlighten you a bit about not allowing people to take advantage of you, but because the term friendship comes with so much to bare, I found myself blabbing. Let’s dive into the business of the day. If you feel friendships are starting to drain you, Leave. If you feel people are starting to take you for a fool, Leave. If you think you aren’t wanted in a relationship, it’s time to Leave. Good relations never leave room for doubt. So Control, Alt and Delete. A term used by computer geeks to automatically delete all files/folders without wasting time. In simple terms, it’s a shortcut. Why not use it yourself? Ctrl-Alt-Del all toxic friendships and relationships. No one is worth your time if all they do is waste it. Remember time is the most valuable asset one can have. Because time wasted can never be regained. Even the most powerful man can never invent a time machine that will bring back lost time. So give it to those who cherish it.

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