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    Declutter your CV

    Ever sent through a job application to a company and never even got that “your application was unsuccessful” message? I think those hurt more than receiving such a message. Well at least for myself. I’d rather get a follow up response than nothing at all. That way I know where i stand. Even more so, I can give them a call and ask for further information so to improve for the future. I write this text because most companies take a first glance at your resume and never bet an eye on it again. For many reasons that I want to address. I remember back in grade 9 when I…

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    Top 5 habits for successful women

    There are tons of successful people out there. While being successful is subject to ones belief, there are common habits that one can establish on their journey to success. What is success? There is no one size fits all when it comes to success. My version could be completely different from your version. However, we all have dreams that we would one day like to accomplish. Sometimes these dreams feel impossible to reach mainly because of habits that we’ve learnt over time. It’s time we shift to a better focus and unlearn these bad habits toward learning the greater ones. The first step to success is to set goals Achieving…

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    Ultimate guide to saving money

    It’s the beginning of the month and i usually use this time to do my budget for the month. I have tried so many methods before using this system, but nothing really seemed to work. I don’t think creating a budget was a problem, my issue was sticking to it. Many people struggle with sticking to a budget seemingly because it is too rigid, or it might at times seem like a lot of work. Free printable right at the end 🤍 Why budget? The importance of having a budget plan can never be overemphasized, it ensures financial security and confidence. It’s easier to fall off the rail when you…

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    Podcasts you should be listening to

    We spend most of our time listen to something, be it the radio or music on your phone. Podcasts have recently been a thing… use it to your advantage. What is a Podcast? A podcast is a digital platform that is similar to radio that can be accessed online as an audio file. Unlike radio, podcasts are pre-recorded stories that express the raw culture of the speaker and navigate toward motivating and changing lives. These can pretty much be access anywhere, from websites, SoundCloud, Spotify and even iTtunes. You just need internet access on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. I have compiled a list of 5 podcast that as a…

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    You’ve got to stay strong

    Amidst these tough time, we’re all surely wondering how we are going to survive this lockdown. We definitely need to stay strong. Hold on till it dies down. Anxiety has kicked in for the most of us. Especially now that the lockdown has been extended. I know I was counting down to the last few days. Although deep down I knew that there was a high possibility that it could be extended. It definitely is hard to believe anyways. But my question to you is, how are you holding up? Are you in a safe space? Are you mentally and physically ok? I think these are the important questions that…

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    How to be productive when working from home

    Following the Covid-19 pandemic many of us are forced to work from home. But many people face challenges when it comes to staying productive while working from home. It’s no new news that there are many distractions at home especially if this is new to you. If you relate, lolittah is here at your rescue with the following tips on how to be productive at home. DRAFT A SCHEDULE As much as many of us work on a schedule/time-table, it makes sense that we do the same at home. It’s quite simple. You can start with a daily to-do-list. If you like planning way ahead then work on a weekly…

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    Top 5 2020 success tips

    Hey Queens, I hope you missed us. Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! We’ve been held up in a lot. However, no worries because we are back. Right on time! 2020 has been great thus far and we are excited to continue aligning ourselves in as far as our brand is concerned. So today we want to share top 5 success tips to conquer the new year. BRAND ALIGNMENT What is brand alignment? Did you know that you are a walking brand? Yes you are. How you speak and what you say says a lot about you. Who you associate with and where you spend your time attracts the same energy. So…

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    The guide to productivity

    Its a new month and a new week. The perfect time to revitalize your strategies in making productive plans. In everything you do, being productive and staying productive is important. Sometimes we work ourselves to the last bit of energy and yet we may still feel we’ve got nothing done or haven’t done enough. Only to find that it’s just not a productive session. So how do you stay productive or rather improve your productivity? I have coupled down a few tips that might help you. 1. Plan ahead I’m sure you’ve heard or seen this somewhere over a hundred times. Trust me, nothing beats planning. In what you need…

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    It’s ok to be a work in progress

    Life gets to a point where you feel as if things aren’t going the way you had initially wished they would. It is as if what ever work you try to put in goes into vain. Most of us have been through such a period of time if we aren’t actually going through such. Which is why I though I should share some words of encouragement to keep you going. They say for you to appreciate the fruits of your labor you need to have worked really hard for them. Which is generally true, things that come easy often leave easy. Seemingly because we don’t nourish them as much as…

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    30 Women Empowerment Quotes

    I can never get enough of words that inspire. Here are 30 quotes I’ve collected that will uplift your spirit and help you and many other women in their daily lives. For motivation to do better and be a better person. Not only for the good in your life but for the advancement of those next to you. Featured image: instagram @eclecticgift All image quotes are from Pinterest and are not of Lolittah.