Be your own bestfriend


You cant pour from an empty cup… Love yourself first

One of my favorite quotes that i use daily to affirm myself into a positive outlook. We worry ourselves a lot about what other people think of us, that we forget what is really significant is what you think of yourself. Take a moment and look into the mirror, ask yourself – if you were your best friend, what advice would you give to yourself about your greatest fear?

i tried this one morning, and i realized that my biggest fear at that moment was failure. That has resulted in me doubting my abilities that i hid my ‘talents’ and ‘abilities’ in a shell, afraid to try. I gave myself this advice: “DOUBT KILLS MORE DREAMS THAN FAILURE EVER WILL”. This advice not only allowed me to get out of my shell, try new things and be the best version of myself, but it has also given me courage to accept that failure is inevitable, and lessons are learnt through trial and error.


If you do not fail, you never learn. If you never learn, you will never change.

Now remember that you give what you have. Before you go out there to the world, give yourself first what you need. Because the best truth comes from within…

featured image: From pinterest. Model: Beyonce

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