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Are you reading enough books?

One of my 2019 resolutions was to read books like never before. I kept it at a book a month. I must say, if reading isn’t for you, this commitment is a little bit extreme if you’re studying or working, or doing both like I am. However, for myself I’m enjoying it so far. Reading books is essential especially if you want to grow in certain aspects of life. It could be a personal thing or a professional growth strategy. I’m sure you can tell the difference between a person who reads and one who doesn’t.

If you haven’t read any book in the last three months, hmm. Maybe try get yourself something. PDF or hard copy, depends on preference. I personally like hard copy book. It keeps me away from the distractions of social media anyways. So how do you choose what type of book to read?

Pic by: Eva Maria

Personally I’m a novel person. I tried branching into more motivational books and entrepreneurship related books. I must say, I skip through most parts of those types of books because I feel dictated. Not that there’s something wrong with the book. I just don’t like being told what and what not to do for the most part of it. So Novels just tell a story that one can learn from. For you to choose the perfect book for you, find out what you like. Your personal interests and your interest span. If you get bored easily never go for books that are too long. You probably won’t get to finish it. If you read books that you don’t resonate with, what’s the point? If you think you can learn from a book then buy it. But be careful, some book titles are too catchy with the exact opposite in the contents of the book. So read that little extract at the back of the book to find out what the book is about before you purchase something that will sit for the most part of it. Lastly, don’t go with the flow. Just because everyone is reading a particular book, doesn’t mean you should too. Read what you like and want to learn from.

10 Book suggestion list from me:

  1. Bare: The Blessers game – Jackie Phamotse
  2. Unfollow – Dr Linda Papadopoulos
  3. Becoming – Michelle Obama
  4. We’re gonna need more wine – Gabrielle Union
  5. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  6. Color Me Yellow – Thuli Nhlapho
  7. Period pain – Kopano Matlwa
  8. Half of a yellow sun – Chimamanda Ngozi
  9. The yearning – Mohale Mashigo
  10. Rape: A South African Nightmare – Pumla Gcola


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