ABOUT LolittahZA


LolittahZA is a women empowerment platform that aims at engaging with various issues that not only affect but also impact the lives of young women.

The name Lolittah emanates from the renown novel ‘LOLITA’, about a young girl who fell victim of an old man. This platform was established to guard and fight against past stereotypes on perceptions about women that had their views and abilities chained. At lolittah, we will work tirelessly to bring fourth courageous and empowered women.


Lerato Ngubane

At 23 years of age, Lerato Ngubane holds a Curriculum Studies Honors degree and is currently pursuing her Masters in Education. She finds peace in writing about issues that impact women. She founded LolittahZA in 2018 and aims at using it to engage with young people.

A young teacher with the goal to inspire young girls with her voice. She uses this platform along with her YouTube channel (LERATO NGUBANE).

Begin with the end in mind

A motto that speaks to her. Lerato believes that nothing beats believing in yourself. If you know you can do it, then you will.

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For business, collaboration or PR enquiries please contact lolittahza@gmail.com or leratongubane05@gmail.com