A feminist society : Hear the women’s cry!

The recent outbreaks in the news and social media about women missing, women being murdered and or women being raped have been appalling. Although this is no new news, it has definitely sparked a lot of attention on activism and women led movements (feminism). I write in tears, my heart booming like a bomb. It is scary being a women in this current time.

We need change in society. A change in the views of society. We need men to start respecting us for who we are. The time for objectifying women should come to an end. We need a society that understands that being a feminist needs not mean that one hates the sight of men. Although it has come to that for many. Women hate the actions of many men.

As women we are taught to dress a certain way, we are taught to sit a certain way… how walking alone at night isn’t safe for young girls and women because men can do the unthinkable. We are taught to be afraid all the time as anything can happen. We are taught that how our bodies look defines who we are. The way we walk and the way we talk defines our strengths and gives one(MEN) the right to decide if we are women enough. That being a virgin defines character. At what point should one understand that OPINIONS can never be FACTS, and fact is… WE ARE TIRED, tired of being mistreated. We are tired of forever being told to live by rules created by men. The very same men who know absolutely nothing about being a woman.

Yet, many jump in and say, NOT ALL MEN!

Unless all women never have to experience any injustice, harassment, assault, sexism, rape and violence in the hands of any Man. Then I give you right to say not all men.

I am sorry that you have to live in a society where being a woman is all it takes to set a men off. For I do not know one women who hasn’t been strangely touched by a man or pressured by a man to sexually do something she did not want to.

It’s time we fight back, fight back hard enough to scare them away. Hard enough that they start calling us names as if they haven’t before. Let us be active in society.

No twitter hashtag
No instagram post
No Facebook share
… is enough

The mentality of a wicked man can never change over night. We need powerful leaders to drive a society of EQUITY… and that is a FEMINIST SOCIETY.

In loving memory of:

Uyinene Mrwetyana, Sinethemba Ndlovu Karabo Mokoena, Amanda Tweyi, Reeva Steenkamp, Siam Lee, Zolile Khumalo, Anene Booysens, Ayakha Jiyane and Siblings and many more women and young girls who never made it to the headlines.

Note: All images are not of Lolittah

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