5 morning habits you need to let go of

As if getting out of bad is not hard enough. Now there are things to do everytime we wake up! Fortunately, yes. I say fortunately because letting go of these habits will not only ensure you have a productive day, but it will also aid in your journey to success. So what are these habits?

Stop hitting the snooze button

Don’t bite me off of this one. I bet many of us are guilty of such. If you set an alarm to wake you up at 5AM. Why do you snooze it then? It means you are either not ready to wake up at 5 or you are far reaching with time setting. The starting point is setting a wake up call that you can adhere to. I know myself, I need at least an hour to get ready for work. And if I hit that snooze button then I’m setting myself up for a disaster of a morning. Here’s how I’ve mastered it. I set an alarm for at least 30 minutes before my wake up time that way I can snooze it however I want to. Really makes not sense but it has work for me for years.🤫 However, watch out for that stop alarm button. You might think you’ve hit snooze, only to wake up 2 hours later. You don’t want to end up running late.

Avoid checking up on your phone

Right after turning that alarm off, you login to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter right? This has been proven over time to take up getting ready time. One click becomes the next. Next thing you know it 30 minutes has gone by now you need to start rushing. Maybe try find more valuable things to do like journaling, meditating or even pray. 5 minutes of your morning time is more than enough for something yet so productive rather than spending it on social media. Unless you’re expecting an important text/call there is absolutely no excuse to be on your phone as soon as you wake up.

Avoid hot showers

Apologies ladies, but that hot shower should be reserved for late in the evening when you’re preparing to go to bed. Hot showers are known to be relaxing and soothing for a good night sleep. Not so good for a good morning into a productive day. Try taking a more cooler shower that will wake your body up to get you ready for the day.

Stop skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of that day. Actually, you can skip all meals but never breakfast. You need that immune booster to kick start your day. On top of that you need the energy. Even more so, my mom always emphasizes the fact that people are prone to contracting airborne diseases on an empty stomach. You don’t want that for yourself. Besides, how do you work on an empty stomach? It doesn’t have to be a full blown English breakfast. Grab that apple if you’re in a hurry. A smoothie also works wonders if time is not one your side.

Stop stressing over the unseen

Many of us tend to stress about the day before it even begins. Truth is, there are things you can change and those that you can’t change. If you can’t change it, change the way you see it. If you can change it, no reason to stress about it. Gather your thoughts and find ways to cope with certain things. As mentioned above, you can journal in the morning or read a scripture that will put your mind at ease. If you are a music lover, turn the volume up and dance your way into a productive day. Otherwise, stress only puts you off and ruins your day.

Now start your day with ease and live a successful life.


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