Are you thankful enough?

So today I’m feeling a little emotional, come to think of it this has been going on for quite a while now. I’m going to take this time to pour it all out. I actually want to share this graceful period with me. Give yourself a moment and look back. It could be your life’s journey, it could be career related or just a personal thing. What I want you to do it’s take a timer and time it to 30 seconds. In this 30 seconds think about all the good things that have happened in your life.



When you’re done. Does it make you smile or cry? Either or is a good thing don’t you think? When I recall all the good that has happened to me, I smile and cry. Not weird but great for me. Life is but a great journey and too often we get caught up in all that goes wrong forgetting to celebrate our good fortunes. That’s not a good thing after all. Everything amounts to make us better people and it is important for us to be thankful for it.

I’m gonna make my list of what I am grateful for. These little and big things are engraved in my diary/journal and whenever I have the time. I go back and have a look at them. Because even the Bible says “give thanks”.

  1. Life – Just being alive is a gift on its own and the most precious of them all. With the rate at which people die these days, how can I not be thankful of being alive, and on top of that healthy?
  2. Family – Although this May be a tricky one. Family is very important. It keeps you grounded. Yes some of our family members do not have our great interests at heart. However, appreciate those that are. No man can exist on their own.
  3. Success – There is never a given scale to measure success, so with this one don’t you ever see any achievement inferior over the other. Even the little things need to be celebrated. From getting a simple task done, to landing yourself your dream job. Both are successes at their own right.

Add to the list if you might. Notice that I don’t mention anything about friendships. Let me tell you why? Because true friends become family. And if you can’t refer to your friend as family, then there’s some questions that you need to ask yourself about those friends. Scrutinize then if you have to because, success breeds success. And if people who you call friends are pulling you down. You definitely don’t need them. Before I stray away… be great full of what you have and of what you’re about to have. Speak into existence what you want about yourself and watch things fall into place. Nurture your circle and watch how things become simpler each time.

Sometimes we invest so much in things that don’t build us that we land up places we see no value of. Sometimes we put so much effort trying to fix the ‘bad’ only to realize after time has long gone that this and that, I should have cherished had I not worried about the why of other insignificant errors.

Ask yourself… am I thankful enough?

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